Maths Picnic

Two groups of Y9 pupils took part in the Maths Picnic at Highfields School. The event was organised by the AMSP and there were seven schools competing altogether.

Each group had to complete four different maths challenges within a given time and points were awarded.  The challenges were problems requiring knowledge pupils have learned at school but they had to think very differently than they might be used too. The first and second placed teams changed after each round and unfortunately Smestow did not finish in the top two.

However, we did win the Prize for best Team work as judged by the organisers. This is the second time pupils at Smestow have been commended with the team work prize during a maths picnic highlighting the way that pupils at out school embody our school value of Success Achieved Together.

Y9 demonstrated the all of the Smestow Values throughout the morning and it was great to see this acknowledged.

Pupils that were selected to attend were A. Abdelmotaleb, A. Holloway, A. Kumar, P. Naatey, J. Oziga, U. Randhawa, V. Valentini and F. Zirta-Gimbien.

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